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DOOH Advertising in China,  


Giant media facade at Erqi Plaza

Premium location LED FACADE at Erqi Plaza belongs to Wanda property group at Peoples road.

Located in the core position of Erqi Plaza business district in Zhengzhou with the longest history, the most intensive people flow and the busiest traffic, and in the prosperous-business area in central Zhengzhou City and surrounded by lots of department stores, it is a must-see place for domestic and foreigner visitors. Adjacent to Dehua Pedestrian business street that is also the fully-equipped area with high shopping power for mid and high-end products and high consuming power.
Artery: At the intersection of RenMin Road, Erqi Road and West Street, and adjacent to the railway station with huge people flow.
Business: Cover the surrounding business groups in the office buildings.

Screen details and numbers


Shenglong City No.8 Courtyard, 106 Hanghai Middle Rd, Erqi District, Zhengzhou city 674100

Screen size

38.4m (W)×12.48m (H)Total 479.23sqm

Screen resolution

1920 (W) x 624 (H)

Exposure rate

400,000 /day



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