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DOOH Advertising in China,  


Premium location LED facade at Zijingshan Department Store

Zijingshan Commercial District is a traditional landmark commercial district driven by location, government administration, and commerce. Zijingshan Department Store is a comprehensive shopping mall that integrates shopping and food

The media is located at the intersection of the four main roads of Jinshui Road, Zijingshan Road, Huayuan Road, and Renmin Road. Zijingshan Road and Huayuan Road are the only traffic arteries that pass through the north and the south in Zhengzhou; in addition, the surrounding area is adjacent to the transfer station of Lines 1 and 2 , which is the largest subway station in the city at now; amounts of people pass by here every day.
Business:There are numbers of government agencies, enterprises and institutions in the surrounding area. The media is facing the Great Hall of the People in Henan Province, thus the people that influenced by the media are most of the owners of enterprises and institutions, political and business figures.

Screen details and numbers


Henan, Zhengzhou, Jinshui District, Zijingshan Department Store, No1 Zijingshan Road

Screen size

20m (W) ×10m (H) Total 200 sqm

Screen resolution

2000 (W )x 992 (H)

Exposure rate

540,000 /day



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