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DOOH Advertising in China,  


Giant Commercial Flagship Screen at Optic International

Premium Giant Digital Screen at Wuhan Optics Valley International Plaza

Giant screen located at high traffic area the Optics Valley International Plaza and directly opposite the Optics Valley Shopping Street, with easy access to a variety of leisure facilities including Spanish-, Italian- and German-themed shopping streets, Dayang Depatment Store, Carrefour, Optics Valley Capital Building, Optics Valley Book Mall, etc. The area attracts a large crowd with high spending power.
Artery: The screens is located at the entrance of Optics Valley International Plaza at the northwest corner of the Optics Valley traffic roundabout. This is the intersection of several main roads that cut across Wuhan and boasts excellent visibility and large vehicle and foot traffic usiness: The areas is surrounded by high-end shopping centers, offices and banks, as well as universities, attracting large number of students and professionals.

Screen details and numbers


889 Luoyu Rd Guanggu Shangquan Hongshan Wuhan Hubei

Screen size

38m (W) x 11m (H) Total 418 sqm

Screen resolution

HD 2360 (W) x 680 (H)

Exposure rate

380,000 /day



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