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DOOH Advertising in China,  


LED screen at Hankou Ping'an Building on Jianghan Road

DOOH Advertising LED Screen located on the east of Zhongshan Street in Jiang’an District (near Fifth Qianjin Road) high traffic area

Advertising and Outdoor media screen located at Ping’an Building which is a large-scaled comprehensive building integrated with shopping, office, finance, catering, entertainment. The landmark building for Wuhan City. Media is located at the core section of Jianghan Road business district with the longest history,the most intense people flow and the most prosperous business which is commonly known as "Hong Kong Junior"; meanwhile, it covers the Zhongshan Road business street witch crosses through the whole central area of Hankou. Surrounded by intensive high-end residences and various shopping, catering, entertainment and relaxation places, it gathers the most fashionable and lively consumer groups.

Screen details and numbers


818 Zhongshan Ave Jianghan Road Shangquan Jianghan District Wuhan

Screen size

11.3m (W) x 18.3m (H)Total 206.8 sqm

Screen resolution

512 (W) x 832 (H)

Exposure rate

120,000 /day



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