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DOOH Advertising in China,  


LED screen at Xiaobailou Capital Land International Trade Center

DOOH Advertising LED Screen media, located at the Capital Land International Trade Center at the intersection of Race Course Road and Nanjing Road / Northwestward

Advertising and Outdoor media at premium locations in Tianjin. The media is located at the most popular shopping center in Tianjin, high-end office buildings and business districts including Capital Land International Trade Building, Arc De Triomphe Mall, Binjing Shopping Center, Xiaobailou European-typed Street, etc.
Artery: Located on the "First Street", Nanjing Road and as the consuming center for local people in Tianjin, it is adjacent to the Subway Metro Line No.1 and the core section of the famous Race Course Road and covers a huge traffic and people flow .
Business: Located in the high-end business section, it gathers CapitaLand International Trad Building, Renaissance Tianjin Hotel and R&F Center and covering more white collar personnels.

Screen details and numbers


Nanjing Rd Hexi District Tianjin Tianjin

Screen size

16.32m (W) x15.84(H) Total 259sqm

Screen resolution

1020 (W) X 990 (H)

Exposure rate

420,000 /day



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