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DOOH Advertising in China,  


Giant Media Digital screen at Suzhou-First Department Store

DOOH Advertising LED Screen at Suzhou-First Department Store

Premium Outdoor Advertising screen located on the top of First Department Store in Suzhou. Screen faces the people flow of the Millennium Business Street in Suzhou--Guanqian Street. Guanqian Street locates in the center of Ancient Suzhou City with prosperous business, intensive famous shops and lots of historical sites, and a prosperous pedestrian street integrated with shopping, relaxation, entertainment, catering and commercial trading, and with century-old shops and famous scenic spots gathered here.
Artery: Cover the going traffic flow on People’s Road, the main traffic artery in the ancient city area of Suzhou City

Screen details and numbers


Jiangsu Suzhou 31 Jingde Road

Screen size

10.56m×13.44m (E) +8.64m×13.44m (N)Total 258.05 sqm

Screen resolution

East-880 (W) ×1120 (H) North-720 (W) × 1120 (H)

Exposure rate

300,000 /day



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