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DOOH Advertising in China,  


LED screen at Telecom Building Screen in Nanshan Buisiness District

DOOH Advertising LED Screen at the intersection of Nanhai Street and Chuangye Road in Nanshan District / Northwestward arc screen

Advertising in China Shenzhen on LED screen located in the most prosperous area and core section in Nanshang business district, Nanshan business district has SUNING, Haidexin Digital City and other appliance digital cities entered in addition to Shirble, Rainbow, Haiya, A Best and other traditional department stores. It has become a recently fast-growing new business district integrated with business, culture, entertainment, relaxation and commerce as a whole.
Artery: Located at the intersection of Chuanye Road and Nanhai Street, it covers the huge traffic flows from Nanhai Street to Binhai Street.
Business: More and more enterprises enter this area and it has the huge market potential and broad prospects.

Screen details and numbers


Shenzhen Chuangye Rd 41

Screen size

22.8m (W) x 30.4m (H) Total 693.12 sqm

Screen resolution

912 (W) x 1216 (H)

Exposure rate

260,000 /day



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