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DOOH Advertising in China,  


LED screen at Mix City Screen on Shennan Street

DOOH Advertising LED Screen at the intersection of East Shennan Road and South Bao’an Road in Luohu District / Westward

Advertising in China Shenzhen on LED screen Great location, Adjacent to the Middle Shennan Road business district known as "Asian Fashion Capital", it belongs to the senior consuming district. On the Southwest of the media is the famous Shenzhen MIXC, which is the large-scaled indoor shopping center that is the largest in Shenzhen, the best in South China, and the most representative in China. Here also locates Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Grand Theatre and Shenzhen Book City and is one of the most prosperous sections with extremely high additional media value.
Business: On the west of the media are the Diwang Building and Kinkey100. Meanwhile, it closes to the business and financial center on Middle Shenzhen Road.

Screen details and numbers


Shenzhen Bao an S Rd 1054

Screen size

11m (W) x 25.4m (H) Total 279.4sqm

Screen resolution

528 (W) × 1248 (H)

Exposure rate

600,000 /day



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