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DOOH Advertising in China,  


LED screen at Modern Window Commercial Plaza Screen

DOOH Advertising LED Screen located in Shenzhen China at the intersection of North Huaqiang Road and South Zhenhua Road in Futian District / Northwestward arc screen

The outdoor advertising China Screen is located in the core section of North Huaqiang Road. North Huaqiang business district is one of the two core business districts in Shenzhen and known as the "First Electronic Street in China". It is one of the most prosperous business areas in Shenzhen and even the whole country, and the largest electronic professional market in Asia. It is led by electronic market and integrated with department stores, clothing, jewelry, electronic, catering and tens of industries. It has developed into a business street with the most various businesses and the largest trading volume in the whole country.
Artery: Cover the traffic flows from North Huaqiang Road and Zhenhua Road.
Business: Surrounded by high-end office buildings, and the mutual inspiration between the business and office is the largest advantage of North Huaqiang business district, which makes its popularity more prosperous.

Screen details and numbers


Modern Window Mansion Huaqiangbei Futian District Shenzhen

Screen size

32.64m (W) x 14.4m (H) Total 470.02sqm

Screen resolution

2040 (W) x 900 (H)

Exposure rate

520,000 /day



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