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DOOH Advertising in China,  


LED screen at Dongmen Zhenhua Building Screen on Shennan Street

DOOH Advertising LED Screen Shenzhen At the intersection of East Shennan Road and Middle Dongmen Road in Luohu District / Westward

The advertising LED Screen is located in one of the top two core business districts-the East Gate business district which is cored by the East Gate pedestrian street. It is the prosperous district with the longest history, the most intensive shops, the most concentrated passenger flow, the most various businesses and the largest business pedestrian street, and is regarded as "the Window of Shenzhen, the Brand of Luohu“.
Artery: Facing the traffic flows from west to east on the first traffic artery, Shennan Street. The people flow on Middle Dongmen Road is the largest one in Shenzhen business streets, and the media can cover the people and traffic flows entering into Dongmen business district.

Screen details and numbers


2102 Shennan E Rd Luohu District Shenzhen

Screen size

20.5m (W) x 7.7m (H) Total 157.9sqm

Screen resolution

1056 (W) x 384 (H)

Exposure rate

420,000 /day



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