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Giant Media Facade at Hengmeng Commercial Building

Media Facade at premium location Shenyang city At the intersection of Shifu Street and Guangyi Street in Shenhe District

About the location: Hengmeng Commercial Building locates in the core section of Shifu Road and to the west of Zhongjie business district which is the business center with longest history in Shenyang City, and targets at the mid and high-end consumer groups in Shenyang City and many of them are from foreign regions with high consuming recognition degree.

The area where it exists is an excellent position integrated with artery, business districts, business and many other characteristics as a whole.

Artery: The media locates on the transport hub of the intersection of Shifu Street, Guangyi Street, North Shuncheng Road and West Shuncheng Road, and can cover the two crowed arteries at the same time. It is at the entrance of the middle street in the famous business district that is a place with most excellent visual effect.

Business: Covering many business groups from the surrounding high-end office buildings.

Screen details and numbers


2 Guangyi St, North Station CBD Shangquan, Shenhe District, Shenyang,

Screen size

31.7m (W)×9.6m (H) Total 304.3sqm

Screen resolution

1536 (W)x 480 (H)

Exposure rate

280,000 /day



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