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DOOH Advertising in China,  


Giant LED media façade at Zhuozhan on Qingnian Street

The flagship media façade in Youth North Avenue CBD Corner On Rencai Dasha building in Shenhe District / Southeastward (Corner rectangular screen)

The screen east face the most high-end consuming area-Zhuozhan shopping mall, collecting many luxury brands flagship stores, and covering Zhongjie business district. Depend on this location, the screen can reach the most high-end consumers of Shenyang, which is the best way to create/strengthen the brand image.
Artery:South face the Shenyang’s axle wire- Qingnian north avenue, located at the intersection of Qingnian street and Shifu road, so the huge traffic flow and people flow can efficiently cover the core of Shenyang.
Business:North near CBD center of Shenyan, and many financial enterprises around here. Hanglung shopping center is under construction. South cover the population of Shifu road and Shifu plaza. Therefore, economic, political and traffic advantages are concentrated on this screen.

Screen details and numbers


140 Tieling Rd Jin Lang Shenhe District Shenyang

Screen size

24.96m (W) x 9.6m (H) x 2 units Total 480sqm

Screen resolution

2496 (W) x480 (H)

Exposure rate

660,000 /day



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