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DOOH Advertising in China,  


LED screen at department store East Nanjing road

DOOH Advertising LED screen at entrance of East Nanjing Road Walkway

Nanjing Road Shopping Street, the first street in China, is the most representative pedestrian business street and the first center of Shanghai business; it is located in the center of Shanghai and surrounded by all kinds of markets and shopping centers. It directly goes eastwards to the Bund, and the daily people flow reaches to one million, which makes it the first choice for shopping and travel.
Covering traffic flow on West Nanjing Road, with many rail transits going through. The People's Square Subway Station can go directly to the pedestrian on East Nanjing Road and has become the largest-flow station in Shanghai.

Screen details and numbers


Shanghai No1 Department Store

Screen size

16.4m (W) × 22.5m (H) Total 369sqm

Screen resolution

1024 (W) × 1408 (H)

Exposure rate

600,000 /day



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