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DOOH Advertising in China,  


Giant LED screen at Sanjiangkou Post Building

Premium Giant DOOH Advertising LED Screen with high traffic exposure

Commerce: Locate in the core landmark position, Sanjiangkou, being the crossing point of "Geographic Central Coordinate Point" and "Business Central Drive" of Ningbo City. The top four economic districts including Tianyi Square business district, Old Bund business district, Jiangdong business district and Baby Doll business district gather here, surrounded by plenty of shopping malls, being the most prosperous section in Ningbo.
Artery: East Zhongshan Road is the most prosperous road in central Ningbo, one of the arteries of Haishu District, with municipal government, TIanyi Square and other several largest department store companies on it.
Business: Close to the Tianyi Square CBD, away against municipal government, being the strong media in golden business CBD.

Screen details and numbers


Ningbo middle shan dong road 262

Screen size

39.6m (W) x 9.5m (H) Total 376.2sqm

Screen resolution

1584 (W) x 360 (H)

Exposure rate

250,000 /day



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