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DOOH Advertising in China,  


LED Landmark flagship
FHD screen at Yintai Department Store

Premium location at the intersection of Stadium Road and Yan'an Road in Xiacheng District / Northwestward arc screen

The media is located in a heart of Hangzhou the most prosperous Wulin Plaza and Yan'an Road business district, facing the famous Wulin Plaza, it effectively covers the groups in Wulin Plaza business district, in which there are many kinds of businesses involved and residents with strong economic power with all that are able to form efficient consuming, so it can be said to be the "First Screen in Hangzhou" occupying Hangzhou flagship location .
Artery: Cover the traffic and people flows on Stadium Road and Yan'an Road.
Business: Wulin business district is the core of Wulin CBD

Screen details and numbers


546 Yanan Rd Wu Lin Shang Quan Hangzhou

Screen size

50.04m (W) x 20.16m (H) Total 1008.8sqm

Screen resolution

Full HD 4170 (W)×1680 (H)

Exposure rate

300,000 /day



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