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DOOH Advertising in China,  


LED Screen at Nade Hotel Screen on North Huancheng Road

DOOH Advertising LED Facade media at the intersection of South Hushu Road and North Huancheng Road in Hongshu District / Southward

Screen is located at Wulin Square, to its west is Hangzhou Municipal Government, to its north is Xihu Cultural Square and to its south is the fashionable Wulin Woman Dress Street and the beautiful West Lake. The hotel locates in the golden section of Hangzhou tourism and business
Artery: The screen faces the North Huancheng Road and the only way with large traffic flow to Hangzhou Government. And the watching time can be extended due to the long red-light waiting time
Business: It effectively covers the only way for Hangzhou Municipal Government leaders and civil servants to go to work and is the highest-contacting-degree outdoor LED for the working class

Screen details and numbers


308 Huancheng N Rd Hangzhou

Screen size

14.7m (W) x 5.8m (H) Total 85.3sqm

Screen resolution

736 (W) x 288 (H)

Exposure rate

200,000 /day



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