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DOOH Advertising in China,  


LED screen at Book Center Screen on Tianhe Road

DOOH Advertising LED screen at the intersection of Tianhe Road and West Sports Road in Tianhe District / Southeastward

The Book Center locates on the Tianhe Road in Guangzhou City, and is adjacent to the west of Guangzhou Tianhe Sports Center with Tianhe City Square on its opposite side. It effectively covers the Tianhe Sports Center business district represented by Book Center, Tianhe City Square, Zhengjia Square, Tianhe Sports Center, etc.
It covers the people and traffic flows on Tianhe Road and West Sports Road
With lots of luxury office buildings, head offices of internationally famous enterprises and overseas institutions gathering here, it effectively covers the white-collar crowds of the office buildings along the West Sports Road and contacts with the enterprises deciders and major businessmen who have the highest-income and consumption power.

Screen details and numbers


Tianhe Rd Tianhebei Tianhe District Guangzhou

Screen size

62.4m (W) x 8.64m (H) Total 539.1sqm

Screen resolution

3120 (W) × 432 (H)

Exposure rate

850,000 /day



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