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DOOH Advertising in China,  


LED screen at Tianhe One Link Walk Plaza Screen

DOOH Advertising Landmark flagship
FHD screen At the intersection of East Sports Road and Tianhe Road in Tianhe District / Northwestward arc screen

The media is located in the biggest business district in Tianhe Road Guangzhou. It is close to the east of Grandview Mall and is surrounded by Tee Mall, Victory Plaza and other large-scaled mature shopping malls and squares. One Link Walk is another large-scaled compound Mall with large area and attracts lots of international brands.
It covers the people and traffic flows on Tianhe Road and East Sports Road, and the seamless connection between the many subway lines and bus routes ensures sufficient people flow. One Link Walk locates in the core of the cross of Zhujiang New Town and CBD in the north part of Tianhe and many with white-collars and foreigners gather here.

Screen details and numbers


230 Tianhe Rd Tianhe Center Tianhe District Guangzhou

Screen size

44.2m (W) x12.2 (H) Total 539.2sqm

Screen resolution

4416 (W) x 1216 (H)

Exposure rate

850,000 /day



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