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DOOH Advertising in China,  


LED Giant Screen at Suning Super Flagship Store

DOOH Advertising 3D Giant advertising screen combined from 3 led video walls for creating spectacular OOH campaigns

Advertising in China, Chongqing, the GIANT screen is located ay one of the the main center of Chongqing’s largest Guanyinqiao business district. Directly opposite the pedestrian street and the intersection of the citizen square, adjacent to the financial, administrative center, and Internet celebrity scenic spots, radiating the entire Chongqing fashion shopping crowd and national tourists; occupying the largest shopping center group in Chongqing,
This giant media screen providing enough space for thinking about content creation. In addition, naked-eye 3D visual effects can be made to achieve visual impact and increase customer brand attention.

Screen details and numbers


Guanyinqiao West Rind Rd Guanyinqiao Business District Jiangbei Chongqing

Screen size

Screen A: 43.52 (w) *18.56 (h) Total 808 sqm
Screen B: 12.8 (w) *28.16 (h) Total 361 sqm
C screen: 91.84 (w) *28.16 (h) Total 2587 sqm

Screen resolution

A: 4352 (W) *1856 (H)
B: 1920 (W) *4224 (H)
C: 4592 (W) *1408 (H)

Exposure rate

700,000 person/day
700,000 vehicles/day



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