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DOOH Advertising in China,  


LED screen at Qing Department Store Building Screen at Jiefangbei

DOOOH Advertising LED screen at Chongqing Department Store Building on Minquan Road in Yuzhong District / Eastward

Advertising and outdoor media in China, Chongqing . The LED screen media locates on the outer wall of Chongqing Department Store Building, the largest retailer in Midwest China, and occupies the largest business pedestrian street in Midwest China--the core position of Chongqing Jiefangbei business district. With intensive business atmosphere, it gathers lots of large-scaled department store companies, exclusive shops for top-class brands, large-scaled markets, small-scaled shops, with largest scale and most intense flow, being named as the largest business district in West China.

Screen details and numbers


Chongqing Minquan Road 2 Yuzhong District Chongqing

Screen size

19.5m (W) x 16.4m (H) Total 319.8sqm

Screen resolution

2432 (W) x 2048 (H)

Exposure rate

300,000 /day



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