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DOOH Advertising in China,  


LED giant screen at Yanlord on the South Renmin Road

DOOH Advertising LED Screen at the central axis of the city's core business district.
Located at the northeast corner of the intersection of South Renmin Road and Hongzhaobi Street /Southwestward

Advertising in China Chengdu. The media locates in the Hongzhaobi business district. With LV, GUCCI, OMEGA and other internationally top brands gathering here, it occupies the highest-end area of business developing in Chengdu and is surrounded by the top fashion branded product square, Yanlord, and Hongzhaobi high-end product business districts .
Artery: The media locate at the golden corner at the intersection of South People’s Road and Xinguanghua Street. South People’s Road has the reputation of the "First Road in Chengdu"; being likened to Chang’an Street in Beijing and Nanjing Road in Shanghai , it is the most representative channel for south-north transportation.
Business: Located in the core district of Chengdu CBD, with high-end office buildings, banks, 5-star hotels, senior white collars and businessmen gathering here.

Screen details and numbers


Yanlord Landmark Jinjiang Qu Chengdu

Screen size

25.92m (W) x 13.44m (H) Total 348sqm

Screen resolution

2160 (W) x 1120 (H)

Exposure rate

500,000 /day



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