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DOOH Advertising in China,  


LED vertical square screen at Chengdu-Parachute Tower on South People’s (Renmin)Road

DOOH Advertising LED Screen at the intersection of South Renmin Road and South First Ring Road in Wuhou District / Northwestward

Advertising in China Chengdu at Parachute Tower business district locates in the most prosperous city center area and is the only street exclusive for IT science product in Chengdu.
Artery: Facing the traffic flows from north to south on the core artery in Chengdu, the People’s Road, and meanwhile covering the huge traffic and people flow on South First Ring Road and in High-tech Parachute Tower business district.
Business: One of the most important CBD business districts in Chengdu surrounded by lots of Class-A office buildings.

Screen details and numbers


Times Digital Building Xiaotianzhu Wuhou District Chengdu

Screen size

9.28m (W) x 23.04 (H) Total 213.8 sqm

Screen resolution

696 (W) x 1728 (H)

Exposure rate

450,000 /day



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