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DOOH Advertising in China,  


LED giant screen at Chengdu-Yintai Centre in99

DOOH Advertising LED Screen located on Tianfu Da Dao No1199, Wuhou District

Advertising in China Chengdu. Beautiful curved screen at Yintai Centre, as the landmark of the city, is positioned as a high-end commercial complex. It is surrounded by Waldorf Astoria Hotel, the global shopping mall in99 and multiple other top commercial biuldings.
Artery: The screen faces Chengdu's core commercial artery Tianfu Da Dao. It is able to cover five east-west traffic line of the key financial circle.
Business: The meida locates in CBD, Gaoxin District, which is the burgeoning urban center as well as the core area of the rapidly-developing “Tianfu New Area” (one of state-level new areas). Chengdu's economic center, political center and industry center all locate here. The Tianfu Global Financial Mall which locates right across the screen is the emerging hub of financial institutes. Many major financial/insurance/politicla institutes have settled in this biulding and bring business/political elites here at the same time.

Screen details and numbers


Jinhui E St Wuhou District Chengdu Sichuan

Screen size

4200(W) x 1680(H)

Screen resolution

4200(W) x 1680(H)

Exposure rate

650,000 /day



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