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DOOH Advertising in China,  


Lightbox network at Chaoyang district

OOH Advertising Network of 21 sideroad light boxes at Chaoyang District Evenly scattered in the whole Guomao CBD

Small screen group is dynamic LED on one side
Scrolling light box form on the other side. CBD, the highest-end business center in Beijing, has the largest high-quality consumer groups and the excellent advertising environment with few interference with so many of the top 500 enterprises and famous domestic and overseas enterprises gathering here. The media are distributed around Beijing Yintai Center, Jianwai SOHO, Prosper Center and other famous enterprises; the high-end retail and catering have become a mainstream of consuming in the area of CBD.

Screen details and numbers


Jianwai Street Chaoyang Beijing

Screen size

2.43m (W) ×1.47m (H) = 3.6㎡×21 units

Screen resolution

528 (W) × 320 (H)

Exposure rate

900,000 /day



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