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DOOH Advertising in China,  


LED screen at Chongwenmen Soshow

DOOH Advertising LED screen at the intersection of outer Chongwenmen Street and Huashi Street in Dongcheng District / Northwestward

Chongwenmen business district is regarded as the “gathering place of young business leading the fashion tide” and the fashion consuming center integrated by shopping, entertainment, catering and audio-visual in Jingdong area surrounded by high-end residences with high consuming power.
“Wang”-shaped traffic network has made the traffic extend in all directions. Subway Metro Line No.2 and No.5 gather here. Bi-directional special LED screen covers traffic and people flows in Chongwenmen business district. Special display. screen is beneficial to inspire.

Screen details and numbers


40 Chongwenmen Outer St Chongwenmen, Dongcheng Beijing

Screen size

7.7m (W) × 16.3m (H) =125.5㎡(westward)
7.7m (W) × 16.3m (H) =125.5㎡(northward)

Screen resolution

384 (W) x 816 (H)

Exposure rate

380,000 /day



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