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DOOH Advertising in China,  


LED Giant Rounded screen at Wangfujing Street

DOOH Advertising LED Screen at The roof of Maolong Jewelry City at the junction of Wangfujing Street and Donganmen Street, North Exit of Wangfujing Pedestrian Street, Beijing

Advertising in China Beijing Rounded Corner LED screen with adjustable brightness is the perfect way to reach your customers on the go at one of the busy Beijing city locations. Located in the core area of Wangfujing Street, opposite to Lotte Intime Department Store and APM Xindongan Market, Wangfujing Apple Retail Store is directly opposite; to the east is Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Macau Center, Heaton Hotel and The Peninsula Wangfujing; to the south is Wangfujing Department stores, Wangfu Central, surrounded by luxury goods, luxury watches, and luxury car shops, are the core high-end shopping, leisure, and tourism areas in Beijing. It is also a place known as the "day of gold". Wangfujing Pedestrian Street has French Champs Lishe Street is known as the sister street.

Screen details and numbers


229 Wangfujing Dong Dan Dongcheng Beijing

Screen size

Width A14.5+B11+C14.5+D7.25Height 7m Total 330.75 sqm

Screen resolution

6048 (W)×896 (H); P8 dot pitch

Exposure rate

1.05 million/day
300,000 vehicles/day



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